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How to create a Buyer Persona and where to find the data - FREE Video Guide -

Step by step guide on how to create a buyer persona profile and where to find the relevant data.

Video consists of the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Review of the ready-made buyer persona

3. Step by step guide
3.1. Database and Analysis of the database
3.2. Swipe file
3.3. Interviews
3.4. Visualization

4. Review of the editable template of the Buyer Persona

Editable template of buyer persona: https://www.eloquens.com/tool/GYdpsgNw/marketing/customer-acquisition-strategies/buyer-persona-powerpoint-template-guide

-> And at IntroMarket we specialize in Buyer Persona creation, competitors’ research, phone interviews, and market studies.
We created over 70 unique buyer personas for our customers from different industries but with the same goal - to personalize their marketing and to find out who is their Ideal Client.

-> Usually, one BP costs $350 and it takes us three days to complete. But now we offer a free guide on how you can do it on your own and that it will be 100% based on data.

-> Buyer Persona is a visual representation of your ideal customer which aims to bring a deep understanding of their lives, views, preferences etc.

-> When looking at the customers we are looking at new user segments. People share, like, repost and comment on a lot of important things, and it is a very rich way for us to understand them. And not just the people themselves but the context in which they live. Buyer Persona is really centered on having a real understanding of those contexts.

This Best Practice includes
Video - 17 min

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