CFI - FinMo 2020
Originally published: 22/12/2020 08:51
Publication number: ELQ-72861-1
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CFI - FinMo 2020

3rd place in the Financial Modelling Competition

CFI FinMo competition for 2020. This submission achieved 3rd place in the World Championship. In 2020 competitors had to act as an Investment Banking Analyst advising The Coca-Cola Company. Creating M&A financial model to evaluate the target companies and determine which investment case will be most attractive to the acquirer. Concentrating on the transaction outcomes and structure. The following deliverables are available:

• Financial Model – excel based template, valuing the acquirer and target companies;
• Pitch Deck – presentation of the analysis with the transaction recommendation;
• Power BI – dynamic presentation in the visualization tool.

Financial model includes the 3 types of valuations: discounted cash flow, comparable multiples and comparable transactions. To present comprehensive accretion / dilution analyses the sensitivities macro is introduced. Apart from Power BI visualisation model incorporates the excel based visuals.

If you are looking for more project finance templates please follow the links below:

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This Best Practice includes
1 Excel based model, 1 Power BI file, 1 Excel Data file, 1 PDF presentation

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