Merger analysis of an Acquisition of Retail Shops
Originally published: 27/04/2018 14:04
Publication number: ELQ-27716-1
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Merger analysis of an Acquisition of Retail Shops

3 Excel files to demonstrate the merger analysis of an acquisition of retail shops.

This tool contains three excel files that each have similar structures and analogous outputs. Each of them start with a standalone corporate model. Once the corporate model is complete, a transaction page is created that presents the consideration in the merger, financing of the meter, fees and other uses of funds in the merger. The acquisition model is then created using the standalone model key outputs (revenues, cash operating expenses, depreciation expense, capital expenditures and working capital). These are brought into the acquisition model using the MATCH and INDEX function or the LOOKUP function. The 'Meracorp Acquisition' and 'Metroexpress' files use examples of retail stores.

This tool contains three excel models:
> Meracorp Acquisition Example
> Metroexpress
> Refinery Acquisition Model Example

This Best Practice includes
3 Excel Files

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