Travel Budget
Originally published: 21/07/2021 10:25
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Travel Budget

A professional template to budget travel expenses

Travel expenses make up an important and material part of a company’s budget. This template built on the highest professional financial modeling standards will help you calculate future travel expenses.

The calculations include:

- An intuitive and convenient input section. You just need to enter destination name, costs of tickets per trip, accommodation, meal, taxi, out-of-pocket expense allowance and planned numbers of trips to every destination by month
- A summary grouping the costs by type (fares, accommodation, meals etc.)
- A summary grouping the costs by destination
- Additional travel statistics (total number of trips, total days travelled, number of destinations travelled to).

The budget is made on a monthly basis but there is a separate section grouping the numbers by years.

The template is very flexible and can be adjusted to your requirements quickly:

- You can change the total period covered by the budget (currently three years) and the interval (currently one month).
- You can add as many destinations as needed. You can also include the same destination several times depending on the class of travel.
- You can also include other relevant types of travel expenses

The template can be used on a stand-alone basis (to make just a travel budget) or as part of a larger budgeting package. It can also be incorporated into investment analysis models.

The template is accompanied by a text guide with detailed explanations.

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