Critical Analysis of a Venture P&L
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:16
Last version published: 05/02/2020 11:51
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Critical Analysis of a Venture P&L

Create an annotated short-term outlook of a company's financial projections. For M&A/Investment/Negotiation contexts.

This slide helps you create a critical analysis on a company's P&L forecasts (2-3 years max.).

This is a powerful tool to capture in a compact format (1 slide), a series of insights concerning a company's financial performance (Past &/or Future).

It's very useful in the context of a strategic due diligence prior to an acquisition, or investment. It helps identify the key negotiation drivers. It also facilitates communication with the rest of the investment team and to challenge the management team.

This slide includes an embedded Excel table for easy data manipulation.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Model Slide, 1 Excel Model, 1 Online Method

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Further information

Design a slide that explains a given company's profits and losses projections over 2 - 3 years. Explain your strategy from a perspective of predicted evolution of sales and costs. As well as displaying key figures, this slide presents the main hypotheses that support said estimates. The slide provides a substantiated argument for your estimates, that each figure stated can be easily backed up.

Expected Impact:
• Clearly lay out your key strategic P&L projected figures
• Provide a substantiated argument for your estimates
• Gain the confidence of your audience with reasoning to support your figures
• Ensure consistency between estimated figures and your chosen strategy
• Illuminate your economic model with straightforward explanations

Insert in:
• Business plan
• Due diligence
• Strategic plan
• Investors presentations

• You have to conduct a strategic due diligence study of a company
• You want to give a short-term outlook of company figure evolution
• You need to explain your P&L assumptions
• You want to underline the credibility of your estimations

• You are looking to provide a long-term view of your main figures
• You do not wish to elaborate on the construction of your figures
• You only want to display total or gross estimates of annual growth without additional data

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