How to Create an Employee Handbook That's Actually Useful for Your Business
Originally published: 14/09/2018 14:30
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How to Create an Employee Handbook That's Actually Useful for Your Business

Watch the latest from New Venture Mentor in how to create an effective and friendly Employee Handbook for your business.

"Welcome back to New Venture Mentor, your source for straight forward advice to help you plan, launch and grow your startup or small business.
I'm Cate Costa and today I wanna talk to you about the much dreaded employee handbook. In my experience as a business coach, few things cause more grunts and groans from business owners than the idea that they should create an employee handbook. It's not that anyone doesn't understand the purpose of one, it's just that it takes so long to put one together and most business owners, 1: don't believe that their employees will actually read it, and 2: don't think that they'll ever be in a position where the employee handbook will help save their butts.
Day-to-day business doesn't halt because someone doesn't have an employee handbook, so it's one of those things that constantly get pushed to the backburner. I recently began working with a 30+ year-old organization and it hadn't updated the handbook in well over a decade, what was in it was wrong, and not a single one of the current employees had received it upon joining the organization. of my fun little projects when I came onboard was to create an Employee Handbook essentially from scratch..."

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