Customer Experience Frameworks
Originally published: 26/02/2020 10:39
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Customer Experience Frameworks

Learn Customer Experience frameworks developed by global consulting firms, McKinsey and Accenture, for the Digital Age.

Emerging technology trends are driving businesses to Digital Transformation across industries. At the core of most Digital Transformation projects is the evolution of the Customer Experience, from a traditional linear process (with few touch points) to a continuous, circular process (with constant touch points).

This new approach to Customer Experience has been captured by many top-tier management consulting firms. In fact, this presentation will provide overviews for 2 such frameworks:

1. McKinsey's Customer Decision Journey

The Consumer Decision Journey is a new-age view that captures the customer’s path to purchase. The path consists of 4 stages:

i) Initial Consideration Set
ii) Active Evaluation
iii) Moment of Purchase
iv) Post-purchase Experience (ongoing exposure)

This path can take from several days to several months, mostly driven by the product category and market maturity.

2. Accenture's Nonstop Customer Experience Model

The Nonstop Customer Experience Model is another new framework on the purchase experience. Customers now expect their experiences to be continuous, constant, customized, and cross-channel—the key for us is to deliver a continuous customer experience.

In the “Switching Economy,” customers may quickly switch to a different provider if they find the current one isn’t as “digitally intense” as they would like.

This deck also includes slide templates for you to use within your own business presentations.

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