Values with full screen image
  • Values with full screen image
  • Values with full screen image
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:21
Last version published: 29/03/2017 15:42
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Values with full screen image

State your company's 2 - 3 central values with an inspiring large-scale image

This slide aims stating the 2 to 3 most meaningful values of your company. The slide values brevity combined with an inspiring picture for maximum impact. The simple, image-based layout emphasizes your text and adds value to your slide.

This business tool includes
1 PowerPoint model slide + 1 step-by-step method

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Further information

Design a slide that depicts your top 3 company values succinctly and concisely. Inspire trust and awe in your company and leave a lasting impression with an elegant layout of your values.
• Leave an inspiring impression of your corporate values on any audience
• Effectively communicate your company or brand identity
• Affirm your values in an attractive visual manner
• Inspire friendly feelings and comparability towards your brand or company
• Insert a ‘breathing’ slide into your presentation

• You want to present your company's main values to employees, teams or third parties
• You want to animate your values with impactful and inspirational images
• You want to focus on 2 to 3 values for them to be easily remembered by your audience

• You have more than 3 core values you wish to present
• You want textual support for each of your chosen values



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