Financial Projections Slide Template for Your Pitch Deck
Originally published: 22/12/2017 16:25
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Financial Projections Slide Template for Your Pitch Deck

Use this template for your financial projections in your pitch deck. It's exactly what investors want to see.

(The full Rocket Pro Forma spreadsheet template—easily create financial projections for startups—is available here: )

Even if you're not fundraising, you should definitely get into the habit of making and keeping to a budget for your business. If you're working on a new product for the next few months, its a good idea to think about cash management now. You'll be grateful that you've done it when things start moving along quickly.

In this tool, Mike Lingle explains what he's learned over the years about Pro Forma Financial Projections and how to create the best financial projections.

In startups, 'Pro Forma Financials' refers to forward-looking financials that are based off of assumptions. They refer to your best approximation of your future results.

This tool is ready-to-use and comes with both the template and an extremely useful explanatory PowerPoint presentation in order for the user to best benefit from the tool. It is available to instantly download.

If you have any questions or problems with this tool, don't hesitate to start a discussion below, or reach out by private message via my Eloquens author account.

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