Test of Proportions Excel Template
Originally published: 24/05/2019 15:50
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Test of Proportions Excel Template

This is an Excel template of the Test of Proportions

The ready-to-use Test of Proportions is available to download instantly and has the same objective as the t-test, but in this instance the comparison occurs when the value of the elements is either 0 or 1.

The tool is easy to use and practical. It is composed of the One-Sample and of the Two-Samples tab.

The One-Sample tab includes an Input table which allows you to insert your data and the One and Two-Tailed tables which give you the one and two-tailed confidence interval.

The Two-Samples tab also includes the input table as well as the One and Two-Tailed tables which allow you to compare two elements.

Thanks to this tool you will save time by inserting your data in the template and not having to reinvent the wheel. It is presented in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

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