How to use and implement the Interpolate-Lookup function
Originally published: 11/12/2018 15:25
Publication number: ELQ-37943-1
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How to use and implement the Interpolate-Lookup function

This is a detailed guide on how to use and implement the Interpolate-Lookup function.

This Interpolate-Lookup Function publication, provided by Ed Bodmer, is a very detailed, yet straightforward tool for users to learn and implement this function.

Interpolation is a type of method that is used to estimate an unknown value of a function that is in between two other known values.

In fields such as engineering and science, interpolation is an important part of data collection, helping to widen the limited number of data values that have been gathered.

Due to the fact the Excel does not have an interpolate lookup function, I have created this function available to download instantly and ready-to-use.

Alongside this download, there is a step by step methodology, to help give a clearer understanding of the interpolation function's implementation.

With the Excel spreadsheet download are two PDFs. These contain coding for copying the interpolate function, one PDF contains code for interpolation for linear growth, and the other for compound growth.

If you have any questions regarding the downloads, or the step by step methodology, do not hesitate to contact me by either private message or by starting a discussion below.

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This Best Practice includes
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