The 12 inch rule for Employee Motivation
Originally published: 27/09/2018 13:34
Last version published: 15/10/2018 13:31
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The 12 inch rule for Employee Motivation

This PDF, with accompanying video, gives great leadership advice for successfully motivating your employees.

"What's the key to employee motivation. I'll talk about the 12-inch rule to employee motivation in this video.

Hello I'm Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development and employee performance management in the workplace. I just returned from a long vacation across Canada from my home in Montréal. And during that time I met many people and I was able to have dinner with a couple of young people in the workplace in their early 30s, and we spoke about employee motivation, and one of them had worked in a winery as a salesperson.

In one instance, he was talking to some customers and his manager was present. His clients were saying what a great resource he was, how knowledgeable he was about the wines that he selling. And the boss said "Oh yeah but you should see my other salesperson, she's really an expert, too bad she's not here today." And the person the salesperson, the person that I was having dinner with, said how he felt de-motivated and de-graded that he wasn't being recognised even though he was actually the top salesperson at this winery..." (to access the rest of this content, please refer to the video)

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