Long-list and criteria
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:15
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Long-list and criteria

A table that shows your evaluation and ranking of potential partners or acquisition targets

This slide can be used in the case of a strategic due diligence or the search for a company business partner. It is made of a table that rates all potential partners / acquisitions targets … according to a set of criteria. It also shows the result of the analyses with a priority ranking of all the considered actors

This Best Practice includes
1 Powerpoint Model, 1 Excel Support, 1 Online Method

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Further information

Explain your methodology for rating your potential partners or acquisition targets. Display the results of your study and analysis. Convey your conclusions on the matter.
• Hand out an extensive and self-explanatory support for discussion
• Clearly state your method of evaluation
• Give credit to your research and analyses with a professional looking output
• Convince your audience of the soundness of your result with a visually explicit demonstration
• Help decision making with a clear summarized hand-out

Insert in:
• Due diligence
• Strategic plan
• Market research
• Benchmark

Main sources:
• Existing reliable market studies (Markess, Xerfi, Reuters, MarketResearch, HBR…)
• Competitors’ publications: press releases, annual reports, corporate websites contents...
• Business press
• Your own market watch tools

• You want to compare a large number of actors on a given market
• You want to detail the results of your comparison across several criteria
• You wish to give your conclusion on the comparison with a rating or a prioritization

• You do not wish to delve into the details of each criterion
• You have a very small number of actors to compare
• You do not wish to give your conclusion on a rating or prioritization
• You have more than ten criteria you wish to compare the actors on
• You have less than five criteria you wish to compare the actors on

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