Solar Project Finance Model
Originally published: 30/04/2018 15:40
Last version published: 09/04/2019 15:31
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Solar Project Finance Model

Understand the effects of financing costs on the required price of a solar project finance model.

The files provided in this tool demonstrate how finance and costs affect the required price in a solar project finance model.

The solar project finance file includes functions that can resolve circular reference so that bid prices are able to be evaluated with various financing techniques. The file can be used to examine how bid prices are impacted by up-front funding, the DSCR, interest rates, debt repayment tenure and techniques, and the DSRA accounts.

DSRA stands for Debt Service Reserve Account is a fundamental aspect of most project financial models. The DSRA serves the purpose of protecting the lender againt unpredictable or unexpected volatility in the CFADS - the Cash Flow Available for Debt Service.

This can all be done on the summary sheet by using the spinner buttons. It also includes application of the scenario reporter. Here, you can build a list of scenarios by changing inputs and placing the output on a separate sheet. The Cancun solar model has also been included which has been made to work through various issues linked with estimating solar resources. This includes a fundamental modelling structure.

In addition, there is an accompanying tutorial video that provides a great explanation of how to best utilise the model.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Model, 1 Example, 1 Cancun Solar Model, 1 Explanatory Video

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