Originally published: 10/04/2018 12:56
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Selling Techniques: Tips to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

This video gives you the key tips to improve your negotiation skills

In this video, Anthony sets out a series of key tips for improving your negotiation skills.

First of all, he debunks the common misconceptions about negotiation being a fight between two parties who simply want to get their own way.

Anthony offers a different perspective on negotiation, suggesting that instead, it is all about working together to try and achieve a win-win outcome that works for all parties.

He sets out a series of questions that you can consider before approaching your negotiation. By answering these questions, you will be able to establish what the ideal outcome is for each party.

Next, he shows how you can identify what exactly you have to trade with, or 'tradeables' while evaluating how this will be of interest to the other parties involved. Anthony suggests creating a list of your tradeables before any negotiation so that you know exactly what you are happy to give away.

Anthony then offers a series of pertinent questions that you can use during the negotiation process in order to learn more without giving anything away and avoid making assumptions.

This video is a great walk through of the negotiation process, offering pertinent advice right from the preparation phase to the conclusion of the negotiation.

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