Marketing Plan Template
Originally published: 14/05/2017 12:22
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Marketing Plan Template

To better execute your marketing strategy.

A marketing plan template is a tool dedicated to help businesses identify their market, get their product to fit the identified market, customers as well as its competitors. This ultimately underpins the selection of your strategy in order to make your business sustainable.

The marketing plan template below is courtesy of “The Bitter Business”- it is designed to guide you through the process of creating a solid and practical marketing plan for your organization.

Why does every business need a marketing plan?

A well-written and logical marketing plan can help teams answer key questions about their organization, as well as to acting as a reference document for teams to better execute their marketing strategy.

Additionally, it can help develop a better structured strategy for developing your services/products in a way to better satisfy both your market and customers’ needs.

When you write your marketing plan, aim to be clear and logical about your objectives and how you’ll achieve those objective.

This marketing plan serves those purposes to better help you make realistic, solid objectives, budgets and action plans.

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