On Shore Wind Excel Model
Originally published: 24/04/2018 12:50
Last version published: 16/10/2018 09:19
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On Shore Wind Excel Model

Detailed financial model for your on shore wind investments

This excel tool offers a great way of tracking your on shore wind investments.

This tool includes 12 functional tabs. These are:

- Dashboard
- Value and Re-finance
- Timing and Operations
- Tax Assumptions
- Debt Financing Assumptions
- S-Curve Assumptions
- Debt and Cash Waterfall (SA)
- Annual Cash Flows
- Integrity
- Sensitivities
- Tornado Chart

Within the dashboard, you are able to input various data based on your on shore wind investments. This ranges from the project characteristics, such as the cost of turbines and development costs, to the debt and free structuring of your project, including the debt tenor, funding methods and senior debt coverage. Through inputting this data, a chart is generated which monitors your Sub Debt Service, Debt Service and CFADS on a monthly basis.

The value and re-finance tab allows you to input figures based on sales, discount rate evolution and re-financing. This data is then formatted in a chart which will monitor the progress of your project value.

In the timing and operations tab, you will be able to track the timing of your on shore wind projects. This tab will allow you to track the start of the project, the beginning of construction, end of construction and the commercial operation date. You may also input your purchase price agreement assumptions, project size, construction costs, working capital assumptions and general economic variables.

Within the tax assumptions tab you can monitor and track the tax charges on your profits, the VAT on your turbines and the depreciation on your fixed assets. This is mirrored in the debt financing assumptions, in which you can log the figures behind refinancing your debts.

The tool also also allows you to input S-Curve assumption data, EBITDA, annual cash flows and creates a Tornado Chart based on this input data.

This is a great tool for tracking and projecting the financial progress of your on shore wind investments.

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