Renewable Project Finance and Price Bidding Analysis Excel Models
Originally published: 30/04/2018 15:42
Publication number: ELQ-91356-1
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Renewable Project Finance and Price Bidding Analysis Excel Models

This tool contains two excel files on renewable project finance and price bidding analysis.

The attached files illustrate the effect of different financing structures on the levelised costs of alternative technology, including solar. It is built with a relatively simple project finance model that evaluates carrying charges. Its aim is to demonstrate that the kind of financing terms in a project finance loan document and the returns demanded by equity and debt holders have a dramatic effect on the price of solar power. The Excel file includes a waterfall chart that allows you to evaluate which aspect of financing has the most important effects on the bid price. The renewable project finance model is relatively old and includes lots of instructions with data verification labels and comments.

This tool contains two excel models:
1. Renewable Project Finance Model with Instructions
2. Carrying Charge Analysis Revised

This Best Practice includes
2 Excel Models

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