Growth roadmap
Originally published: 27/05/2016 16:27
Last version published: 27/05/2016 16:27
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Growth roadmap

Show your concept/business/project development on an ascending graph.

Employ a visual representation to show your concept/business/project development. On an ascending graph, track your progress chronologically using 4 or 5 definitive milestones. This slide allows you to show the corresponding development of specific areas of your business performance or investments that you would like to highlight.

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Further information

Show the real or projected development of your business and pinpoint your main achievements or milestones. Reflect on your strategy by showing the evolution of a significant indicator alongside your chronological development.
• Accurately produce a project history with an elegant and inspiring chronological layout
• Give an impression of a flourishing business or idea thanks to the ascending arrow
• Stress 4 to 5 key events that will drive or have marked your progress across to your audience
• Flesh out theoretic strategies with real or projected milestones
• Bring value to your strategy by illustrating your development using relevant performance indicators

• You want to indicate business growth or a successful concept
• You want to highlight 4 to 5 key phases of development
• You want a visual representation of your company history
• You want a clear and inspiring layout with no superfluous information

• You have more than 4 to 5 milestones you want to display
• You wish to describe your milestones at length and with extra detail
• Your business is not on an ascending scale of growth or progress
• You want to pinpoint specific dates or events - this slide is better suited for describing general phases of development

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