Sample Startup Board Meeting Dashboards
Originally published: 30/11/2017 16:10
Publication number: ELQ-54205-1
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Sample Startup Board Meeting Dashboards

A tool tailored to tech startups that helps you view, summarise and discuss risks encountered when running a business.

Dashboards are a fantastic way to view, summarise and discuss any risks encountered when running a business. A dashboard that contains a lot of corporate information in one condensed view is considered a good dashboard. It helps the board team and management focus on the most important issues. These dashboards are tailored for early stage technology firms in their first years of operation. The templates are quite simple, so it can be customised to better suit your business as you wish.

There are three layouts of dashboard in this template - each include examples of key metrics to track and present at a board meeting. It is suggested that you pick one that works well with your company's recommendations and permits you to address risks in a clear way.

These templates are by no means comprehensive. However, they are a good starting point that you can add to in order to cover all of the risks associated with your business. When you mark an item red or yellow, these items tend to generate conversation during the board meeting.

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