Actors Mapping
Originally published: 12/04/2016 12:00
Last version published: 03/04/2017 10:29
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Actors Mapping

Map actors or market segments on a single page to qualify your market and spot business opportunities.

This slide provides a clear visual set-up. Build the matrix to suit your market segment and potential. Use brand or company logos to map your actors in this matrix. This slide is a visual representation that allows you to briefly but clearly present an overview of your market.
This slide comes with an Excel table to help construct your matrix and back-up your analysis.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Model, 1 Online Method, 1 Excel Support

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Further information

- Map actors or market segments on a single page to qualify your market and spot business opportunities.
- Give a structured overview of the market and the relative positions of your chosen actors within it.
- Evaluate the feasibility of entering a given market or review existing competition to your business or given market.

Expected Impact:
• Present your market structure at a glance
• Display a structured understanding of your market segments
• Provide intelligence on the main actors and their relative positions within the given market
• Provide a gross evaluation of project feasibility or market opportunity
• Use a clear visual set-up to convince your audience

Main Sources:
• Existing reliable market studies (Markess, Xerfi, Reuters, MarketResearch, HBR…)
• Business press
• Competitors’ publications: press releases, annual reports, corporate websites contents...
• Your own market watch tools

• You want to highlight business opportunities in a given market
• You want to illustrate the position of several actors in a single market structure
• You want a tool to help you conduct an evaluatory study

Insert in:
• Market studies
• Benchmarks
• Strategic plans
• Marketing plans

• You want to present your competitors' key features. Use another competitors mapping slide such as WMI's Competitors Scale to provide extra information
• You have no business prospect to evaluate - no mergers, investments, new ventures probability / feasibility to analyze

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