Sales Funnel Analysis Excel Template
Originally published: 17/04/2018 12:49
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Sales Funnel Analysis Excel Template

Tool used to improve the conversion of prospective customers by optimizing the sales funnel.

Models that estimate demand tend to focus on a specific aspect of the sales channel. For example, a pricing model usually defines the choice of customers in front of a set of possible products or services. However, the awareness of the product is not taken into consideration (usually it assumes full awareness to simplify the analysis).

In an ideal world, these pricing models need to be included in a broader framework called the sales funnel. A sales funnel consists of the following:

1) Market: number of potential customers
2) Awareness: people in the market who know the product
3) Consideration: people who know the product and take it into consideration for purchasing
4) Conversion: of the people who consider the product and then those who buy it.

Please refer to the methodology for an example and for more on market awareness, awareness consideration, consideration conversion and optimization.

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To improve the conversion of prospective customers buy optimizing the sales funnel.

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