Tollway Project Finance Excel Model
Originally published: 30/04/2018 13:27
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Tollway Project Finance Excel Model

Toll roads generate revenue on a user-pay system - this model will help you plan the finances of your tollway projects

This excel model will help you to plan the finances behind your tollway project. Infrastructure projects such as this can be hugely profitable in a user-pay system, but it is absolutely essential to thoroughly plan the finances of your project.

This tool is made up of two excel documents: the PPP Tollway Model and the Tollway Example. As such, you will be able to model for your projects and also gather insights from the example model.

The first model contains a detailed analysis of willingness to pay and includes different traffic scenarios as well as government payment considerations.

The PPP Tollroad Model includes ten functional tabs, these are:

- Summary Output
- Valuation and Refinancing
- Master Scenario
- Operating Assumptions
- Tax Assumptions
- Finance and Value Assumptions
- EBITDA and Capital Expenditures
- Project Financing
- Tornado Chart
- Annual Analysis

All of these tabs offer the chance to input huge amounts of financial data relating to your tollway projects, allowing you to create an extensive model of the finances and projections.

The example model is based on a U.S. road which went broke, modified to show what toll road financing with traffic risk looks like.

These tools show how to represent the finances of your toll road projects.

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