Hydro Excel Model - with Commodity Price Risk and Monte Carlo Simulation
Originally published: 27/04/2018 14:36
Publication number: ELQ-22409-1
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Hydro Excel Model - with Commodity Price Risk and Monte Carlo Simulation

Financial model for hydro investments including commodity price risk and monte carlo simulation

This excel spreadsheet allows you to track and project the finances of your hydro investments and hydro projects. This tool includes 10 tabs to help you track these finances: these are:

- Summary
- Scenario
- Assumptions
- Financial Model
- Annual Model
- Raw Inflow Data
- Annual Variation
- Monthly Production
- Potential Production
- Annual Shortfall Example

As such, this model provides a great platform to create an extensive analysis of the finances behind your hydro projects and investments.

Within the summary you are able to log the costs of your project, cost per KW-yr, pre tax project IRR, after tax project IRR etc. This information is then transformed into a useful chart based on the Adjusted Energy Generation MWH.

Within the scenario tab you can log the following:

- Construction Period
- Operating Period
- Degradation Percent
- Capacity Factor
- EPC Cost
- Development Cost
- Merchant Price
- Operating Cost Inflation
- Royalty Expense
- Maintenance Period

Thus, this allows you to create an extensive plan for the operations of your hydro project based on varying factors. The Assumptions tab gives the basis to log the timings of your operations and the capacity factor sensitivity as well as different operational costs for your project. The financial model tab offers an extensive financial analysis of the project, giving you the chance to track and project the finances o your operations.

This is a great tool for planning and mapping all aspects of your hydro projects and investments.

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  • Zambezi Valley
    How do you actually download this Hydro Excel into Excel on a PC? It seems only available on eloquens?
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    • Eloquens Academy
      Hi Zambezi, thanks for your question. In order to download this model, you need to click on the "Download for free" blue button (right below the description), choose the type of licence and decide whether you want to pay a contribution fee or download it for free. It will then get added to your cart and then to your Eloquens Library. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Patrycja from the Eloquens Team
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