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How to Make the Most of a Meeting with a Mentor or Consultant

Watch the latest video from New Venture Mentor on increasing the benefits of your mentor and consultancy meetings.

Welcome back to new venture mentor, your spot for free tips and info to help you plan, launch and grow your new startup and small business.

I'm Cate Costa and today we're going to talk about something that I haven't seen discussed much, how to make the most of meetings specifically with mentors and consultants. Take a stroll around the internet and you'll see tons of articles that talk about how entrepreneurs should not try to do everything alone and that finding the right mentors coaches and or consultants is key to success.

Some of those articles are actually right here in the New Venture Mentor Blog on catecosta.com. What you don't see as much however is that what the heck an entrepreneur should be doing to make sure to make the most of the time that he or she gets with said mentors or consultants. In the case of a consultant you're likely paying by the hour, so you want to get the most bang for your buck, and in the case of a mentor you obviously respect this person and value his or her opinion so it behoves you to also value his or her time. Heading off to a meeting with either nothing in your head other than I hope this meeting goes well or I hope I get some good advice isn't going to result in you getting the most possible out of that relationship...

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