Monte Carlo Simulation for a 3-way financial Excel model.

Monte Carlo Simulation for a 3-way financial Excel model.

A full Monte Carlo Excel Simulation Financial Model with dashboards.

Original Best Practice:  Demo Financial Model (Xero integrated)  by Lance Rubin

This is a fully integrated 3-way model to the cloud accounting package called Xero. The model has a simulation dashboard which allows users to set a range between which key assumptions can change or are likely to be.

There is a dropdown box to allow you to chose the particular scenario.

If there is a need to narrow the range simply insert changes to the assumption blocks within the range.

The model has been built on the Modano platform.

See a link to the Future of Financial Modeling and the specific video on this model.

A Monte Carlo Simulation, also known as a probability simulation, is a type of process that is used for comprehending and analysing the risk and variables in a variety of things, including financials, project management and costs. It betters aids decision making, determining the possible results of certain decisions and the probability of returning these results.

This model contains a range of tabs, such as:

- Simulation dashboard
- Financial Statements Summary
- Top Revenue Summary
- Top Expenses Summary
- Top Capital Expenditure Summary
- Cashcade
- Ratios Summary
- Budget Income Summary
- Annual Income Summary

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This Best Practice includes
1. Excel financial model built on Modano, 1 Explanatory Video

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Further information

To educate and create awareness of the power of both Modano and Excel to build completely customised simulation scenarios for a range of assumptions.

Predicting cashflow shortages and surpluses for a business.

Understanding valuation and what some of the key factors that can impact it.

Providing advice to a business on potential outcomes and for key decision making

For purposes other than those stated or described in the model.

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