4-year streamlined revenue statement
Originally published: 12/04/2016 11:59
Last version published: 03/04/2017 10:29
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4-year streamlined revenue statement

A simplified format of 3 business units' revenue statements over 4 years.

This slide presents a simplified format of 3 business units' revenue statements and their cumulative total. It proposes an earnings statement outlook over 4 years with actual and projected figures as well as growth figures. To reduce your workload, this slide contains an embedded Excel table fully formatted with the necessary pre-defined functions and formulae.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint model slide + 1 Excel backup + step-by-step method

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Further information

Communicate your main business units' crucial earning actual and projected figures over the course of 4 years. Give your audience a streamlined version of your earnings statement displaying your business units and their cumulative total.
• Give a clear overview of your company and its business units' revenue statement
• Communicate your crucial figures efficiently thanks to a streamlined revenue statement
• Convey your entire company and BU turnover and margin structures on a single-page table
• Show that you have mastered your entire company's figures
• Confidently present a summary of 4 years worth of relevant figures and projections

• Your company's activity is divided into several business units
• You want to show your 3 to 4 main revenue figures without further details
• You want to span your P&L overview over several years (actual or projected figures)

• Your company's activity is divided into more than 4 business units
• You only want to present one year of your P&L
• You want to explain your figures in writing
• You want to give a visual representation of your revenue statement
• You wish to detail your revenues and costs

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