VBA Interface Collection (demo version)
Originally published: 14/02/2020 21:09
Last version published: 01/10/2020 05:38
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VBA Interface Collection (demo version)

A set of Excel VBA macros aimed at enhancing user interface

If you work with Excel macros or develop VBA applications in Excel, you will find useful this set of files from my VBA best practices collection. These files are the workpieces aimed primarily at enhancing user interface. If you use those pieces of code in your programs, they will become easier to use, will look professional and will impress your colleagues and managers.

The file contains:

1) Calendar (date picker) control. Allows to select a calendar date. What makes it unique is that it returns a date both ‘on hover’ and ‘on click’ which are handled separately.
2) Text box prompts. Invokes a text prompt when a cell is selected. The content and format of the prompt change based upon the cell content, formatting or location or other criteria.
3) Pop-up menus. How to create new or customize built-in pop-up menus.
4) Free form buttons. If you ever wondered how to create round or other unusual shape buttons - here is a method.
5) Browse for folder. A set of utilities to select a disk folder when a macro runs.
6) List box drag and drop. An impressive visual tool to select some items from a list.
7) “Progress Pie” indicator. A dialog box with a bubble-form progress indicator.
8) System tray message. Launches a messages in the bottom right corner of the screen with heading, sub-heading and icon type as determined.
9) Using mouse wheel to increase/decrease values of cells, label captions, variables etc.
10) Macro state indicator. Shows whether the file was opened with macros enabled or disabled.

This is a demo version where you can see how the macros work and check whether they are compatible with you computer. There is a complete file with tools which work under Windows and a separate file for Mac computers.

Unlocked versions of these macros which you can import into your programs are available (each in separate file) here https://www.eloquens.com/tool/lkBwUlDX/andrei-okhlopkov/vba-interface-collection-full-version

This Best Practice includes
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