IT Startup Financial Projections (Advanced)
Originally published: 07/04/2020 16:18
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IT Startup Financial Projections (Advanced)

Advanced IT Startup Financial Projections Excel workbook.

The Financial Projections sheet, is a simple tool to help startups keep all their costs (either variable or fixed), their income resources, the services or products they want to offer/sell, how much they actually price them, salaries of your team and if you have any commission based positions you can track that too to see their traction and achievements and calculates the income for each year before and after tax deductions.

This will also help you draw some projections for the next 3 years for your project to see what the growth you are aiming for, and to also let investors know how much your project might generate, and see if your numbers are making sense to you and the investors (or not), and edit them without any problem.

It will show an indication to the investors that you have planned your long range goal, and you are able to determine when they will have their Return on investment of their stake in your company.

Once you have finished putting your numbers in the file, there are graphs ready to be copied and pasted right into your pitch deck, so you don't have to interrupt the audience of moving from one document to another. You can easily update your numbers on the sheet, the click (refresh data) option from Microsoft PowerPoint directly.

I hope you like it!
- Hisham

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