Simple In/Out Inventory Management Excel Template  - 1 Location -
Originally published: 01/03/2018 10:00
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Simple In/Out Inventory Management Excel Template - 1 Location -

This excel model will help you track the quantity and value of your inventory.

The layout was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. You will have a primary tab called 'current state' where you list all the unique sku's / descriptions and any meta-data for your inventory items.

An SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit. Usually in the form of a bar code, an identification number is attached in order to track the location of a product. However, it does not have to be attached physically to the product. This aids with the logisitics and supply chain of goods.

There are then two tabs on either side (in and out). The in tab is to enter new inventory into your system and the out tab is to remove it. Each row will act as a transaction that updates the 'current state' of your inventory.

The quantity and $ value of your current inventory will be displayed on a per sku level as well as an aggregate.

A monthly count and $ change of inventory by date has also been added if you so choose to see such information, but those tabs can be deleted if you want to simply see the in/out and 'current state' tabs.

An instructional video is available for this Excel Inventory Management Template.

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Further information

Track and report the inventory levels of a single location.

A system where inventory is going and coming from 1 location.

When there is inventory being held at multiple locations.


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