Cash Model Template for Startups
Originally published: 18/01/2017 15:34
Publication number: ELQ-46757-1
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Cash Model Template for Startups

Template to forecast your startup's cash expenditure, cash-flow as well as downside potential.

When you’re leading a startup, the main thing you have to make sure of is you don’t run out of cash. For that reason, it isn’t too bad of an idea finding how much cash will flow in, how much will be spent, and how much you expect to run out.

Hence, I have made a model for my startup, Ticketleap, and it has turned out to serve the company pretty well. So I’ve cleaned it up and shared it with you, in case anyone needs it as a starting point!

• The key value it provides is to tie together revenue and expense forecasts into a balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow statements. The inputs are meant to be a starting point and are fully customizable via Excel.

For guidance and tips on each of the Excel sheets, you can click on the methodology below.

• If you have a question or feedback, either leave a note below, or find me at @timraybould on Twitter. I’ll release updated versions, in response to your needs!

-Tim Raybould

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