Employee Leave Manager Excel Template
Originally published: 03/12/2021 13:39
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Employee Leave Manager Excel Template

Track the leave of the employees within your organization using this simple and automated excel template.

Tracking the leave of your employees is now made simple and easy with a Simple Data Input and Automated Effective Output. You can manage different types of leave, set an entitlement or quota for the various leave types, and automatically calculate the balance of all employees.

With a one-time setup, you can select between different leave types, name them, and set them to track the balance for each type of leave. Pre-selected colors will be automatically assigned.

Choose weekends for your organization and enter in company holidays. Customize reporting periods by entering Reporting Period dates, max 12 months at a time.

Choose to setup Entitlement per Total Leave or per each Leave Type. If you choose Total, enter the total number of days leave all employees are entitled to. If you choose ‘Per leave Type’, enter the number of days leave each employee type is entitled to.

After the initial set-up, there are only two more data inputs required.

These are:

1. Employee Data: List your employees, their start and end date, as well as their Employee Level from the store information.

2. Leave Data: Input when each employee plans to take leave, whether that be multiple or partial days.

The Balance Report presents the leave balance information for each employee. You can change the display to depict either Entitled Leave Days, Used Leave Days or Balance Leave Days. You can also filter the report by custom fields such as Department or Location. It is possible to display one custom filed from the Employees sheet, and up to 100 employees in 1-5 pages.

The Daily Report will show which employees are on leave for that day. It will also show the number of days of leave for each leave type, the number of employments on that day and up to 20 leave entries. You can also display one custom field from the Leave Sheet.

The Employee Report will show the current balance and precise leave dates for individual employees.

The Monthly Team Dashboard shows the availability of all employees for a specific month.

Employee Leave Manager Highlights:

• Simple
• Simplified Data Entry
• Simple Excel workbook with no macros
• Practical
• Data Validations in place
• Supports company Holidays & customizable weekends
• Supports employees joining and leaving company
• Easy to enter multiple day leave entries
• Handles partial days of leave
• Print or Export as PDF and share
• Automated
• Automated Leave balance calculations
• Team Balance Report
• Employee Report
• Daily Report
• Monthly Planning Dashboard
• Scope
• Up to 500 employees
• Up to 5000 leave entries
• Up to 12 types of leave
• Up to 12 months reporting period

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