Project Finance Model - Dynamic Excel Visualization
Originally published: 30/12/2020 07:10
Last version published: 18/05/2021 07:49
Publication number: ELQ-77538-3
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Project Finance Model - Dynamic Excel Visualization

Dynamic Dashboard to present project finance outcomes

This project finance model is an advance version of the model you can find under the following link:

It has a dynamic advanced visualization based in Excel. Alternatively if you are interested in the Power BI solution, please follow the link below:

Project finance model which is not fixed to any particular industry. Easy to incorporate various revenue and cost lines. Particularly useful for the feasibility study of the potential projects from the inception. The main outcome of the model is to resolve the optimum price to achieve required hurdle rate, based on the flexible cost and debt terms.

In addition to the functionality described in the base version this model incorporates new features:

• Dynamic timeline for the visuals, with ability to input start and end date, for more focused analysis;
• Using dynamic ranges to adjust the timeline and avoid presentation of the placeholders;
• Presenting the unusual graphs for the Excel visualisation – gauge, waterfall, timeline.
• Separate section to summarize all data which is presented on the Dashboard.

The template follows best practices in financial modelling and VBA. The model will be expanded in the future to incorporate more complex aspects. Stay in touch to see the new features. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions. After purchase, use private messages if you need help in populating the models.

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