Combinations Generator Toolkit – Excel Template
Originally published: 03/12/2021 13:38
Publication number: ELQ-73774-1
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Combinations Generator Toolkit – Excel Template

The Combinations Generator Toolkit will help you to rapidly create combinations from individual or multiple lists through the collection of Excel Templates.

To understand the true functionality of this template, it is easier to illustrate it using an example.

Regarding its single list use, create a list of 4 car manufacturers, for example. These could be Audi, BMW, Cadillac, and Dodge. We could make 6 combinations of 2 items from this list:

Audi – BMW, Audi – Cadillac, Audi – Dodge, BMW – Cadillac, BMW – Dodge, Cadillac – Dodge.

The template could generate this for your list of items automatically.

If you would like to generate combinations of 3 items, change the R in the input section to 3. You would then automatically receive 4 combinations.

The template also has a multiple list use. If you have 3 lists, and need to pick an item from each list, the multiple list functionality can handle that. For example, the first list may contain different car manufacturers, the second list containing the type of car (e.g., Sedan, SUV), and the third list may contain the number of doors.

Automatically, the template will generate the 12 possible combinations.

Note that the limits of the template are the following:

• Single List: N=20, R=7
• Multi-List: 10 lists, 20 items per list
• If your scenario is not supported in the templates, please email, or message us using Eloquens’ private messaging system, and we can create you a customized solution for no further cost.

This Best Practice includes
2 Excel Templates (Single List, Multi-list)

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