Market Analysis - Crisis Scenarios Template
Originally published: 27/03/2020 20:56
Last version published: 16/05/2024 08:46
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Market Analysis - Crisis Scenarios Template

A PowerPoint Slide for any economist or business analyst to forecast the effects of a Crisis on a defined key variable.

In March 2020, McKinsey & Company published a matrix outlining 9 different potential outcomes on GDP over time for the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, based on 3 levels of effect for two defining factors:

1/ Knock-on effects & economic policy responses (Effectiveness of government policy)
2/ Virus spread and public-health response (Effectiveness of the public health response)

The matrix was highly appreciated for its clarity, presentation and interpretation capabilities in a context were business and political leaders were looking for a compass to steer their decisions.

You can find a copy of McKinsey & Company's original matrix in the cover images of this Best Practice, as well as our own attempt at decrypting the impact of the 2022 Ukraine War on EU GDP.


The success and appraisal of this matrix on social media (in particular on LinkedIn), led me to re-create their matrix in PowerPoint so that it could be re-used efficiently for any kind of crisis and defined key variable to measure. I also added another matrix to represent & visualize the probabilities for each scenario (low, average, high).

This top tier Management Consulting/ Strategy Consulting Firm level PowerPoint Template is fully editable and can be adapted by any economist, strategy consultant or business analyst to their own context.

It has three slides:
1/ The Editable PowerPoint Template to adapt.
2/ A concrete and exact reproduction of McKinsey & Company's initial March 2020 Matrix for COVID-19.
3/ An application in Feb 2022 of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Should you have any questions on using this top tier Management/Strategy Consulting Template slide, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

Good luck!
- Tim

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This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Template Slide + 1 Example + 1 online step-by-step methodology

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