• How to Write and Use a Job Description
  • How to Write and Use a Job Description
  • How to Write and Use a Job Description
  • How to Write and Use a Job Description
  • How to Write and Use a Job Description
  • How to Write and Use a Job Description
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How to Write and Use a Job Description

People are not your most important asset. The right people are!

Hello I'm Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development and employee development in the workplace.

The key is to use a job description as a tool, not as something bureaucratic thing or as procedure to control employees but more to engage in employee coaching.

A job description is the first step in the employment process and it is vital. Firstly, it attracts your potential candidates and secondly, through specific requirements it indicates the value of their application through the criteria in which they meet.

This course consists of six parts, with two additional documents which will enable you to create the perfect job description!

Each individual part is as follows:
1. Introduction to the course!
2. Benefits of a Good Job Descriptions
3. How to write the Job Description Form in itself, a-joint with template guide
4. How to fill out job descriptions to its highest quality
5. How to make the most of a good job description in the long run!
6. Conclusion along with recommended resources to further perfect your Job Description

Along with this paid course I offer you an exclusive Free Review on the completion of your personalised job description template. On purchase and completion of the course, just send me a private message and we will arrange meeting around your needs.

This Best Practice includes
6 Videos, 1 Word Document, 1 PDF

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