Sales growth contribution
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:19
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Sales growth contribution

Produce a bridge graph that shows your individual brands' contribution to overall sales growth.

You manage a portfolio of several different brands and your portfolio sales as a whole have grown in the last year. This slide contains a bridge graph that displays your sales growth over a full calendar year. It provides a visual representation of the individual contribution to total sales growth of each of these brands.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

On top of showing your audience that your portfolio of brands as a whole has grown this year, visually demonstrate each brand's individual contribution to this growth. This slide allows you to display a variety of numbers graphically, allowing for better communication and understanding of your figures.

Expected Impact:

• Capture the attention of your audience with a readable and straightforward graphic
• Communicate a multitude of key figures in an aesthetically pleasing format
• Give a fresh perspective to your usual sales analysis
• Efficiently convey each brand's worth in your sales growth graph
• Create an efficient visual aid to your sales presentations

Insert in:
• Marketing plan
• Budget planning presentations
• Due diligence
• Market studies

Main sources:
• Your previous yearly results
• Budgets and business planning documents
• Your own vision and strategy

• You manage a portfolio of several brands
• You want to display one year's worth of sales figures
• You wish to detail the growth contribution of each of your brands
• You would rather communicate using charts rather than tables of numbers

• Your business cannot be separated into independent brands or units
• You want to display figures in greater detail
• One or more of your brands has experienced a sales decrease
• You want to report sales spanning over more than 12 months

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