Values with central image
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:21
Last version published: 29/03/2017 15:42
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Values with central image

Affirm your values and straightforwardly present your company's identity.

This slide is a great way to affirm your values and embody your company identity. Its text-based layout will help you state your values and identity with few distracting graphic elements, producing a transparent and straightforward representation of said values.
Use the circular structure to center your values around a single representative image of your company. The focus is on the text descriptions of your core values.

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Further information

State the primary values of your company so as to best display the qualities that define you and your brand. Use this slide to textually represent the spirit of your company to others and encourage them to agree with your working principles.
• Leave a positive impression of your corporate values on any audience
• Effectively communicate your company or brand identity
• Inspire trust and comparability towards your brand or company
• Invite your audience to reflect on the ultimate goal of the company
• Insert a slide that allows your audience time to contemplate the ethics of your company

• You want to present your company values to third parties
• You want to reaffirm your own operating principles to your employees or team
• You want to animate your values with impactful images or quotes
• You want to display at least five values

• You want a slide that accommodates additional images
• You want to elaborate on your values
• You want a more inspirational and picture-centric slide
• You want to display less than 5 values

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