Illustration of different valuation and merger techniques
Originally published: 02/05/2018 10:06
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Illustration of different valuation and merger techniques

Detailed excel model analysing the details of the Cadbury/Kraft merger

This excel model offers an incredibly detailed analysis of the Cadbury / Kraft merger. This model illustrates different techniques that you can use during mergers and valuations.

This is an extensive overview, with 31 functioning tabs:

- Summary
- Assumptions
- Consideration
- Synergies
- Pro-Forma Balance Sheet
- Scenario
- Acquisition Analysis
- Acquirer Forecast
- Debt to Equity Chart
- FFO to Debt
- Accretion and Dilution
- Consolidated
- Discounted Cash Flow
- Model Tests
- Equity Cash Flow
- Waterfall Chart
- Debt Chart
- NPV Charts
- Free Cash Flow Chart
- Terminal Growth
- Gordons Model
- Capital expenditure and depreciation
- Chart1
- Accretion Dilution
- Debt Value
- Debt Balance
- Simple LBO and Data Table
- Graph with Offset

As such, this model allows you to conduct an extensive analysis of any merger or valuation. You can input huge amounts of financial data based on both the company to be acquired and the acquiring company. This will enable you to analyse cash flows, debt, tax issues, waterfall charts etc., allowing you to conduct an incredibly thorough analysis of the merger or acquisition.

The acquisition analysis tab gives you the basis to model all of the details of the acquisition while the acquirer forecast will enable you to forecast and project the key figures for after the acquisition of the other company.

Furthermore, the model uses the Cadbury / Kraft merger as a basis and example, making the model easy to follow and put into practice.

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