Growth boost chart
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:14
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Growth boost chart

Show how your strategy will boost your company's growth with a single effective visual aid.

This slide contains a graph that summarizes the expected impact of a growth strategy on financial results. The graph provides a viable comparison of the expected impact of your new strategy by presenting both growth tracks (with and without the growth strategy) alongside one another. The power of the slide resides in its clear and frank depiction of your expected results in either case. This makes the positive effect of your strategy even more obvious.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint model slide, step-by-step method, embedded Excel support

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Further information

You have designed a new strategy for your business unit or company that is going to boost your current growth. You wish to effectively communicate the main financial effect of your new strategy to your superiors, partners, investors... Show the expected numerical impact of your growth strategy with an explanatory graph. Impress your audience with a self-sufficient graph that shows the strength of your strategy by summarizing its expected impact on your company results.
• Display the expected impact of your strategy with a "wow" factor!
• Ignite interest in your strategy by showing its potential
• Create a selling tool for your strategy with a self-explanatory graph
• Rally your audience around a more ambitious future goal
• Indicate your enthusiasm and ambition for your company

• You want to negotiate a new budget deal to implement a more ambitious business strategy
• You want to rally people around more ambitious goals
• You want to summarize your strategy's impact with a single explanatory graph
• You want to set new heights for your unit, department or company

• You want to explain at length the intricacies of your new strategy
• You wish to provide extra detail on the numerical projections of your strategy
• You are cautious about raising overly high expectations of your new strategy

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