Customer Journey Mapping Templates & Guide
Originally published: 01/12/2020 10:22
Publication number: ELQ-93721-1
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Customer Journey Mapping Templates & Guide

Customer Journey Mapping Guide & Templates

This Customer Journey Mapping Guide will take you through detailed instructions to help you create a Customer Journey Map - a visual picture of the experience that your customers are having with your organisation, product or service.

The step-by-step Best Practice includes clear guidelines for use in developing your journey map(s) as well as detailed tips and details on each component in the journey map. In this guide you will be taken through each compoennt of a journey map from start to finish, as well as how to prepare and run a journey mapping workshop, and how to work out which improvement opportunities to prioritise along the way.

As an added bonus, the Guide comes with a set of Templates which you can use to quickly and easily create your Journey Maps for any situation. These templates will give you the opportunity to quickly and easily create a journey map based on specific customer types and personas.

Creating Customer Journey Maps is a really good way to design experiences which your customers value, understand the experiences of your customer, and deliver outcomes customers truly want. Utilised properly, these Journey Maps and the templates in this Guide will drive significant business success well into the future.

This Best Practice includes
2 Powerpoint decks - The Guide and and Appendix with Templates

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Further information

- Provide users with a comprehensive overview of how to develop Customer Journey Maps
- Highlight when journey maps should be used
- Provide detailed step-by-step instructions for running a journey mapping session


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