Real Estate Investment Trust - 20 Year Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 09/05/2018 14:27
Last version published: 25/06/2018 13:29
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Real Estate Investment Trust - 20 Year Financial Excel Model

A 20-Year model with easy plug-in assumptions to test various scenarios.

This is an annual model that runs for 20 years. It is based on capital deployment in a 4-year span. You then have an auto-filled net operating income that ties to the total capital deployed for each year. That will then grow at a defined % rate moving forward.

Debt can be structured as a bond or loan and there can be up to 5 loans.

The model starts off at net operating income and flows down through to debt service, dividends, and retained earnings. It will show a cumulative effect of the cash flows and an IRR/NPV of the case.

Other metrics include net asset value (NAV) over time as well as loan to value (LTV).

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Planning out possible scenarios for a REIT.

A REIT only.

Anything that is not a REIT.


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