Recycling Business - 10 Year Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 12/03/2018 08:49
Last version published: 23/08/2022 15:41
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Recycling Business - 10 Year Financial Excel Model

Specific revenue and expense logic designed for recycling used goods and selling them for a profit.

The point of this model is to allow you to map out various financial scenarios that have to do with acquiring recycled materials and then turning them into something that can then be sold. You will be able to work out margins and costs in a highly flexible and dynamic way in order to test various cases.The build is broad enough to fit a wide array of situations.

There is logic to plan for the exit and sale of the business as well as financing inputs. The materials you plan to acquire and sell have the ability to start in different months if you plan on scaling into different things. Also, the monthly running costs can be adjusted in a similar manner.

There is a clean executive summary that has useful financial metrics above and then details the key financial line items such as revenue, costs, margins, profits, other cash out flows, and net cash flow. This summary allows you to apply a discount rate and do a DCF analysis as well as see the IRR and total capital requirements / returns.

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Further information

Project the finances of a recycling business with bottom up logic.

A situation where you are acquiring used materials and re-selling/re-making them into something to sell.

A business that does not re-sell used materials.

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