Business Sector Bundle: 35 Bottom-up Financial Models
Originally published: 17/08/2021 09:35
Last version published: 26/06/2023 10:25
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Business Sector Bundle: 35 Bottom-up Financial Models

Now up to 50 templates! Includes bottom-up financial models across many sectors. Best-in-practice logic used for scaling and forecasting.

Last Updated: June 24th, 2022

Note, with the one-time purchase of this bundle, you gain access to all the templates that are ever added to this bundle. 95% of these startup financial models for various industries have been upgraded with their own integrated three statement model. I spent 7 months doing this live on stream.

This is an industry-specific financial model bundle that includes 50 unique templates that are based on a range of specific businesses. The reason why each model must be unique is that oftentimes a given business type will have different bottom-up assumptions that are required in order to estimate future revenue and expenses.

There is a shell around most of these models. By shell, I mean most will have configurations for the funding sources (debt / investor equity / owner equity). The general idea is that after you plug in all your startup cost, revenue, expense assumptions, the output will be a minimum equity requirement. You can decide how that is fulfilled with easy inputs. Outputs for most include IRR (internal rate of return), DCF Analysis and/or an Executive summary / monthly and annual pro forma we well as all sorts of unique visualizations

The screen shots show each file that is included in this purchase and you will be able to download the zip file containing all files.

Recently added templates:
 - Trucking / Delivery Business
 - Made-to-Order Manufacturing
 - Coffee Shop
 - Cruise Ship / Boat Touring - Laundromat
 - Sports Agency

This Best Practice includes
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