Controlling Outlook from Excel (full version)
  • Controlling Outlook from Excel (full version)
Originally published: 30/05/2020 07:42
Last version published: 30/05/2020 10:33
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Controlling Outlook from Excel (full version)

Explains how to programmatically link Excel to Outlook

In this post I will explain how to programmatically link Excel to Outlook. If you perform Excel calculations which you need to share with others by e-mail or if you receive e-mails with files which you use further in your analysis you will find these materials useful. They cover two major areas:

1. Sending e-mails from Excel

This file contains the VB code which allows sending e-mails from Excel. You can choose the recipients (including cc and bcc recipients), include attachments, define subject and body text of your e-mails, request a read receipt. You can choose to preview an e-mail before it is sent or to fire it immediately as you push the button.

2. Working with e-mails received

This part shows how to access specific Outlook folders, browse through e-mails, make replies and forwards, open or save attachments – all automated with a code from Excel.

As a bonus, this part shows how to use custom pop-up menus in an advanced manner.

This is a full version of the file, fully functional and with VBA code unlocked.

There is also a short demo version of these materials which contains:
Sending e-mails – fully functional unlocked file
Working with e-mails received – demo version, fully functional but with VBA code locked

The short version is available for free download on my Eloquens channel here:

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Further information

Automate information exchange between Excel and Outlook

If you process information in Excel and need to send it out by e-mails to users or if you receive data by e-mail which you use further in your analyses



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