Controlling Outlook from Excel (short version)
Originally published: 30/05/2020 07:42
Last version published: 11/03/2021 08:53
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Controlling Outlook from Excel (short version)

Connecting Excel to Outlook programmatically

Linking Excel to Outlook will be useful if you:

1. Prepare regular reports and send them out by e-mail.
2. Receive information by e-mail which you then download and process for further analysis and reporting.

You can automate both process with Excel VBA and save your time. You can also integrate them into your existing VBA routines, thus making a smooth and efficient data processing process.

This post contains examples of working with Outlook through Excel. After studying these examples you will be able to adjust them to your requirements or build completely new applications.

This post contains two files:

1. A file sending emails from Excel (short unlocked version)

You can choose recipients (including cc and bcc recipients), define subject and body text of your e-mails, insert file attachments, request a read receipt. You can choose to preview an e-mail before it is sent or to fire it immediately as you push the button.

2. A demo version of an extended file sending and reading emails (fully functional but with locked VBA code)

This file allows to include rich-text tables, embedded pictures from Excel cell ranges, shapes from the sheet and pictures from the file. It also demonstrates how Excel can access Outlook folders, browse through emails and retrieve their senders, recipient, subject, message body and attachments. It can also reply, forward and even delete selected emails.

An unlocked version of this file is available at this link:

The files contain VBA macros, so make sure you have macros enabled when opening the files.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Automate information exchange between Excel and Outlook

If you process information in Excel and need to send it out by e-mails to users or if you receive data by e-mail which you use further in your analyses


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