SaaS Metrics Excel Template - Learn How to Calculate and Track Actuals
Originally published: 24/05/2021 13:41
Last version published: 30/12/2023 13:47
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SaaS Metrics Excel Template - Learn How to Calculate and Track Actuals

An advanced calculator for any SaaS or mobile app biz to track their most important metrics over time. Includes historical retention data inputs.

This template has been further upgraded to help businesses with ad spend and measuring the time it takes for customers to pay that back as well as the resulting LTV to CaC ratio. I like to think of it as a sort of ad spend guide that also teaches you some of the calculations for SaaS KPIs.

I've also added a 'SaaS' specific version and a 'Mobile App' version.

Initial Inputs: Enter customers at month-end for up to 60 monthly cohorts. This is for historical data and is used to calculate your average retention rate, which is then used for future customer LTV calculations. For this, each  cohort starts in the first column and you simple enter the customers remaining over time as you move out in time. Each cohort will start in the first column so as you move to the right, the counter at the top is measuring the age of the given cohort since that cohort started.

The user will enter the following inputs:
1.Total Current MRR Users
2. Total Current Monthly MRR $ Amt.
3. Monthly Cost to Service Users
4. Avg. Monthly One-Time Revenue
5. Avg. Cost of this Revenue
6. Average Users added/Mo.
7. Sales Staff Compensation/Mo.
8. Marketing Spend/Mo.
9. Retention rate
10. Discount rate (for PV of expected LTV)

and Get the following outputs:
1. Average Revenue per User
2. Gross Profit Margin
3. Gross Recurring Revenue per User
4. Gross One-time Revenue
5. Gross One-time Revenue/User
6. Average CaC
7. Present Value of Customer LTV
8. LTV to CaC Ratio
9. Total Months to Pay Back CaC

This part of the template is designed to help one to understand the key inputs that are required to calculate the more advanced ratios and metrics of a SaaS business model.

Secondly, those metrics are built into a separate tracking template so the organization can track how their actual performance is doing on a month-by-month basis across up to 60 months. This part works by letting the company enter actual data into each month of the tracker (per inputs above) and see how each months' performance compares over time. Visualizations of this actual data are displayed clearly.

This template is also included in two bundles:
- All Models Bundle:
- SaaS / Subscription Models:

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel model and 1 Tutorial Video

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Learn and calculate key SaaS metrics.

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