Mobile App / Website - 5 Year Recurring Revenue Excel Model Template
Originally published: 01/03/2018 11:35
Last version published: 20/12/2023 13:09
Publication number: ELQ-92171-12
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Mobile App / Website - 5 Year Recurring Revenue Excel Model Template

A financial forecasting excel model template for apps or websites that have recurring paid subscribers.

Recent Updates: Added 3-Statement integration (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement), better logic for terminal value sensitivity, capex with auto-calc on depreciation, and a formal cap table with sections for outside investors and insiders.

You can think of this as a bottom up model. A vast amount of assumptions are available so that you can build all kinds of scenarios. On top of that flexibility, you can alter your scenario with sensitivity drop-downs that apply a % change to all traffic, conversion, and pricing variables individually. This allows you to set a base case in the assumptions and then alter that base case up or down for each key revenue driver individually.

The flow of logic is that you forecast a given amount of traffic. You can then forecast a conversion % of that traffic to a free user pool. From the free pool, you then forecast a conversion of that pool to a paid pool. The free/paid pools both have their own growth/churn rates therein.

If you don't have a free pool, you would simply put 100% conversion to paid from free.

You can choose up to 5 pricing tiers and the % of each newly added paid subscriber to falls into each tier. You can also define a date when you want a given pricing tier to activate.

On the expense side, there is logic to start a wide array of expenses in any month and you can adjust those expenses on a yearly basis.

The idea on this financial template was to give the user plenty of variables to play with and test all kinds of structures that they may be looking to visualize.

Many visuals are included as well as high-level summaries, a monthly and annual P&L / cash flow that is granular enough to see how each assumption effects the overall performance of the case.

A video for the Recurring Revenue Excel Model Template is also included.

This template is also included in two bundles:
- All Models Bundle:
- SaaS / Subscription Models:

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Forecast out a financial picture for 5 years.

Any business with recurring paid users acquired through an app or website.

A business that does not have recurring subscription revenue.

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