Pro To-Do List Tracker - Recurring
Originally published: 01/11/2019 11:42
Last version published: 12/08/2022 10:12
Publication number: ELQ-75561-4
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Pro To-Do List Tracker - Recurring

Keep track of your recurring to-do list items.

An Excel version was added. That will be included in the purchase and to use it you must have Office 365 and be in the 'insiders' program since it uses Dynamic Arrays.

Recent update: Added a database to enter every time a task was done (task name and date). This will auto-populate the dashboard columns for last date something was done by using advanced formulas. Also, it will display a monthly and annual report for the number of times each task was done along with visuals.

This is built in google sheets. Upon purchase, you will be taken to a word doc that contains the google sheet link. You need a free google account to gain access to that link. Once you do, go to File > Make a Copy to have your own editable version of this template.

This tool was designed for any individual or business that has recurring to-do items and needs to track the last time something was done as well as see in how many days a given item will need to be done again. This could be used for all kinds of things such as home maintenance, car maintenance, or regular purchases that must be made. For businesses, it could be used for important deadlines in relation to taxes or literally anything that must to be done at some regular interval.

The primary data input tab lets the user enter the description of the item, the amount of time that should be in-between doing the thing on the list, and finally the date column for when you last did the item. So, every time you do something, just enter the date. Validation was used so a calendar will come up if you double click the date column cells.

The output will show the user how many days until an item on the to-do list needs done as well as color coding depending on how close it is to needing to be done. You can adjust the amount of days that trigger each color (red/yellow/green).

A few filters were added. The first is a different tab where the user enters a day amount and the formula will show all items that need to be done within that many days. The second filter tab shows all items and ranks them in order from nearest to latest in terms of when the next time is that a thing needs to be done.

I also added a visual chart to this that shows the total length of time until something needs done per item in a 3D bar chart.


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Further information

A tool to let the user see a clear picture of their recurring list of things that need to be done on a regular basis.

Any business or individual that is tracking recurring items that must have attention at regular intervals.

For items that are not recurring.

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