HR (Human Resources) Template Bundle
Originally published: 24/08/2021 07:50
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HR (Human Resources) Template Bundle

This is an aggregation of all the templates I have done that are geared toward helping job functions of the HR department.

The downloads are listed in order of the below list.

Templates included:
1. Employee Data Tracker - This was designed in Google Sheets so be sure to have a free Gmail account to use. It is for tracking employee benefits (mainly insurance eligibility / who has/doesn't have insurance), strikes, PTO, attendance, pay rate / raise history.

2. Attrition / Addition - Help keep your upcoming quarter organized with current headcounts, planned attrition / hires and expected variance from the model headcount per job category. This has lots of conditional formatting / visualizations to make it more digestible.

3. Employee Scheduling - This may be the managers job, but it could fall into HR as well. This makes it easy to enter data about each employee (availability and upcoming weekly schedule). The dashboard then displays coverage and count per half-hour blocks on a weekly view for 24-hour periods. It also has a checker that notifies the user if they have scheduled someone for time they are not available for via conditional formatting.

4. KPI Dashboard - This is more of an overall organization tracker, but HR may be a common department that uses this or inputs the data for it. The idea is to have a grading scale for how the organization is doing on all levels and it aggregates each department on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Conditional formatting for bad/ok/good performance is automated based on defined parameters for each key metric.

5. Gantt Scheduling for crews - Helps make it easier to see what crews are working when over a defined time frame (usually over the course of 52 weeks). Easy data entry and color-coded crews. Note, the advanced $125 version of this that has man hour allocations is also included.

6. Hiring Plan - A model that shows expected headcounts based on ratios for each employee type against expected revenue. It is a good forecasting model to show how many hires are needed over a 5-year period. This Excel version of this also includes the G sheet link version.

7. Sales Person Commissions - A sensitivity analysis for the company to see what kind of impact various compensation plans will have on the bottom line (scaled percentage bonuses vs. fixed percentage).

8. Billable hours performance tracking - Enter data about the hourly billables of each employee and track the top performers over time. Looks at how a given employee is doing against their goal year-to-date.

9. Payroll Calculator and Budgeting - This template is a simple way to track the pay rate / salary of employees, related taxes, and if actuals are greater / less than budget. It is more of an Accounting template, but could also fall to HR for some things (i.e. pay rate management).

This Best Practice includes
9 Excel / G sheet templates

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Help improve the organization and tracking ability of the HR department and create better insights about employees.

Any HR department or manager that is in need of organization tools and geared toward smaller organizations.

Most of these templates not great for organizations with 1,000s of employees.

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